About this blog


The Language Learner Development (LLD) Project Blog avatar represents the three main categories which will be the foci of this blog, in order of their increasing importance:

  1. Computer Literacy,
  2. Language Skills, and
  3. Learner Autonomy.

LLD Project Blog counterparts

This blog will become a counterpart to both:

The LTD Project Blog also is a counterpart of the Language Teacher Development (LTD) Project Wiki.

Who I am

“An educator and a learner, a parent and a child, a colleague and a friend” (LTD Project Blog, Quick Captures from Eduspaces, 2008.02.14).

[105 words, 2008.05.20]

I’ve added a short voice recording demonstrating what you can do with an audio file exported from Audacity (English VII-VIII, Digital Story 00a). In this recording, I introduce myself and talk about project work:

[+ 38 words, 2009.02.05]

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